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32nd Ranger Battalion

Established 2014, Uncasing Colors after a 1 year Hiatus! Enlist Today!About Us

Unbeatable Game Servers

We use OVH Hosting to deliver top line Arma 3 servers to our members and a simplified modpack to ensure the best gaming experience possible. Our Technical team has been supporting Arma Servers for a number of units for over 3 years and are well versed in how to get every last frame out of a server to ensure a peak performance. 

Immersive Environment

Our Unit was founded by Veterans of multiple branches who have used their knowledge to recreate and immerse our players in as realistic a situation as possible 

Following the Army Core Values and the Ranger Creed

We do our best to uphold the Armys Core Values and the Ranger Creed. We respect and welcome people from all walks of life so long as they’re willing to learn and develop their skills to better assist the unit. We do not judge people by race, creed, religion, or political views. We all bleed green here. 

Dynamic Operations

We have a top of the line mission team that is dedicated to honing their craft. We offer missions that play dynamically without a game master ensuring that no two missions will ever be the same.