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MCC4 added to our Mod Pack

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RET R.Sharp


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Posted 23 September 2017 - 09:21 AM

greetings fellow rangers.


after a pretty extensive test and walkthrough of MCC4 I think that we should add it to our mod list so that we can make operations and missions quickly with out having to worry about a bad script. it will definitely help in situations where command staff is unable to attend an opearation and any NCOs or officers that have to shoot from the hip have no clue on what kind of mission to run.



- allows quick mission building for units to complete with very little probability of bugs/ hiccups.

- allows for a wider range of missions that some scripters do not know how to complete in a timely manor.

- allows any member to take charge and host an operation under a worst case scenario.




- file size is 35mb  ( not really that big compared to our other mods)

- it will take some time to teach members how to use it effectively and how to alter it if issues are brought up.

- we would need to require any guest unit that is a attending an operation to have it ( mainly just an inconvenience to them)




I feel that being such a small file, and an easy one to obtain ( steam workshop: mcc) it would increase our mission effectiveness by providing fast mission creation as well as enabling any member of any rank to create and host and operation without making other units wait until the mission is created. it will also auto make the waypoints, and other mission related scripts that some units do not know how to write. when MCC is not needed it is as easy as checking a box.

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#2 Guest_WOC T.Humphries_*

Guest_WOC T.Humphries_*
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Posted 23 September 2017 - 01:20 PM

I can second this. I've used MCC in almost every unit I've been in, and it is a phenomenal tool. There are way more features than what CW2 Sharp listed here, such as changing Time of day, weather, view distance, grass on/off, AC-130 support, CAS, supply drops, building a temporary FOB players can spawn to if we're doing some sort of "progression" mission, a personalized squad menu people can group up on so squad members and team members can all be in the same group without having to group up via ACE, etc. 


MCC is a defining tool for a MilSim unit to conduct daily operations, and I highly recommend this addition is considered.

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