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Zeus fill-ins and other ideas

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#1 M.Morozov



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Posted 13 January 2018 - 01:40 AM

Just tossing ideas out for public scrutiny...

1. My idea was that certain NCOs, reserves, or bored pilots could fill in as zeus and control units such as snipers, civilians, suicide bombers, etc in order to add a higher level of danger and realism to training's and ops. Don't push it to a point when the op can be failed by one guy who decides to go Rambo and drop a million AI or IEDs on us.


2. Practicing town and base defense drills: We could practice town and base defense with multiple waves, mortar / artillery strikes, etc with multiple perimeters set to fall back to in case if we face being over-run. Set up time limits that we must hold until extraction or casualty limits until failure.


3. HVT escorts: I imagine that Rangers would never be tasked specifically with protecting an HVT for an entire mission but this can fit with #1. Capture a HVT such as an enemy officer played by Zeus and escort him to safety with AI fighting to get their man back. Other players can role-play as enemies which will actively try to free the HVT.


4. When we grow beyond 1 platoon, I was wondering if we could have MBTs, or fixed-wing CAS for more dynamic combined arms operations. Of course, we are mostly a light infantry unit but I don't see the harm in doing it for fun post-practice or post-op.


5. I would like to see a secondary MOS system if we lack pilots, NCOs, RTOs, or other essential personnel. This can serve a dual-purpose if people would like to try different roles if they are currently bored with theirs. This issue occurred when there were no pilots present by the end of practice on the 12th.


6. Last one, and probably the most controversial / borderline retarded: For the sake of leadership training in the unit and preparation for a break down in the leadership structure if multiple NCOs are casualties during ops, I would like a practice or two per month where the rank structure is reversed and non-NCOs attempt to run an op. Current TLs and SLs can give advice on how to give orders, pass along information to higher ranked players, and complete missions with as few casualties as possible.


Please leave any comments, complaints, or concerns below. I'm just tossing out ideas and would love to hear some feedback. I would like to see some of these implemented and with the right incorporation, would create and more fun and dynamic environment for the 32nd Rangers.


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#2 T.Fairman



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Posted 13 January 2018 - 01:53 AM

I like the first idea because it would add some spice to the ops and not be so bland. Also the second one because we need to practice more with cohesion.

#3 RET M.Cullen

RET M.Cullen


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Posted 13 January 2018 - 11:04 AM

Spoiler alert: sometimes Zeuz does control enemy AI

Posted Image

Staff Sergeant Michael Cullen

Gunslinger 1-3 Weapons Squad Leader

S-1 RMS | S-1 SDC | S-7 Drill Sergeant

#4 M.Morozov



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Posted 13 January 2018 - 01:59 PM

Spoiler alert: sometimes Zeuz does control enemy AI

What about the rest?

#5 RET R.Payne

RET R.Payne


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Posted 13 January 2018 - 03:12 PM

1. Already being done

2. Base defenses can be added and have somewhat been done.

3. Has been done, can add more of them in. Normally we do helo extracts on target, maybe make it a convoy thing. 

4. We are a Ranger Battalion.. Not a normal Light Infantry Unit. As for the Combined Arms idea... That's what we'd like to do with other Actual Units. Who's purpose is Armor etc. It takes us getting stable attendance and another unit to accomplish this. Make friends with other units, and make better attendance so we can accomplish this.

5. That can very well be discussed and maybe implemented if a good system is prepared. 

6. I can see this happening during Platoon Training (LT's Approval) and or Operation Full Swing. It allows us to grow future leaders and get people maybe more motivated to fix attendance. 


First Lieutenant Robert Payne

Gunslinger 1-6 Platoon Leader

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#6 RET R.Sharp

RET R.Sharp


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Posted 18 January 2018 - 12:02 AM

1. definitely is already being done, especially the sniper one


2. we can work some base defense missions and base rescues for future operations


3. a HVT escort would be fun, like a guardian angel mission, S5 will work on it and present something by the end of the month


4. I agree with LT, we are a ranger reg, not a standard military division or unit, with that being said, we could look to do more joint operations with air units and other types of units.


5. we definitely need additional MOS's but we cant stray from the infantry roles, RTO isn't really an addition MOS, 25U is commo but its not really an RTOs job, because any MOS can be one. I was an RTO as a 13D but I also agree with LT, down the road once we can get more people in the unit who are active, the availability of extra roles, MOSs can be figured out and discussed.


6 I LOVE THIS IDEA!!! for certain days we can have the NCOs train up their joes the Friday nights before the OP and then I can use them to play opfor or even as an additional friendly unit. something like this can be hammered out fairly quickly and with a new streamline training base being built, training the force will be a lot easier.


Chief Warrant Officer 2 Riley Sharp

160th SOAR Executive Officer


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