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#1 C.Saldat



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Posted 01 January 2018 - 09:30 PM

"Giving you a second chance if your everyday CPR doesn't do squat." - Belbo(mod author)



The ACE 3 advanced medical system provides a more complex and detailed medical simulation and is based off the 'CSE CMS'.

It focuses on a more realistic model for injuries and treatments, thus resulting in a more important and prominent role for combat medics, and a bigger incentive to avoid getting shot.

The system behind advanced medical is designed to attempt to mimic important parts of the human body, as well as react to any injuries sustained and treatments applied in a realistic manner.


Ever since the release of ACE 3 medical system, there has been a included module known as the 'Revive Module'.


How this system works:

  • A unit in the revive state will be unconscious and will stay unconscious until it is either woken up or the revive timer runs out.
  • Each successful CPR will increase the time the unit can stay in the revive state.
  • To wake up a patient the use of a PAK is required. -This is important !


There are some problems with this system.

1. CPR practically does nothing as long as your patient has no pulse (i.e. is in the revive state).

2. You would need to use a Personal Aid Kit to revive your patient, which isn't very realistic.

3. Using a PAK to revive resets all of the players health variables back to their start values - practically doing a magical heal with the magical wand called PAK.


INTRODUCING-> ADV ACE3 CPR (adv is the mod makers nametag, NOT an abbreviation for advanced)



With Adv Ace3 CPR  you can finally use CPR to get someone out of the revive state without healing him completely, making gameplay much more interesting.


After successfully "stabilizing"(using CPR or the new defibrillator) a  the patient, he/she will have a basic pulse of at least 30bpm.

ACE-doctors have a 40% success rate and ACE-medics have a 15% success rate.


Regular riflemen can resuscitate a patient, but they will have a much lower success rate. They can still keep the patient from dying due to an expired revive timer though.


The success rate is lowered if the patient looses blood and is raised if the patient received Epinephrine right before CPR. The minimum rate is always 2% - except if resuscitation has been disabled for regular riflemen.


NEW medical item: The defibrillator

This works almost like the CPR action, but you have to have a defibrillator in your inventory and it's much faster and the success rate is way higher.

You can only use the defibrillator if you're a medic or doctor.





On to PRO's and CON's


+ More realistic medical system

+ No more magical PAK wand

+ Medics will have to conduct primary and secondary medical care

+ Regular infantry will actually be contributing to resuscitating fallen teammates as well as extending the revive timer

+ PAK's can still be set to be used in base

+ Working defibrillator model with sounds

+ No known bugs

+ Compatible with the current ACE3 v3.12

+ Plug and play installation



- Retraining medics to familiarize with the new CPR system and use of the defibrillator

- Retraining regular infantry to familiarize with the new CPR system

- Update standard operation procedures and practices

- Update training manuals

- Possible incompatibility with upcoming ACE3 updates due to this third party addition

- Possible obsolescence with the upcoming ACE medical rewrite, although this rewrite has been in the works since LAST January(there are rumors that this might be included in the rewrite anyway)

- Another mod to keep track



BI forum POST


Armaholic POST


Steam POST

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#2 RET R.Bates

RET R.Bates


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Posted 01 January 2018 - 09:57 PM

Sounds nice. As every other mod it would need extensive testing. Anything that fucks with ACE medical can work amazing or horrible. (ie Survivable Crashes, etc) But I would be done for some testing and if approved reworking our SOP

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Staff Sergeant Ryan Bates

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#3 RET M.Cullen

RET M.Cullen


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Posted 02 January 2018 - 01:56 PM

This may be the medical overhaul we've needed

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Staff Sergeant Michael Cullen

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#4 C.Saldat



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Posted 02 January 2018 - 04:19 PM

If anyone is interested I can set up a server on my PC here and we can test it

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#5 C.Falzy



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Posted 02 January 2018 - 07:16 PM

If anyone is interested I can set up a server on my PC here and we can test it

we can test sometime this week


also +1

#6 C.Saldat



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Posted 13 January 2018 - 02:53 AM

After a successful test today, SGT C. Falzy, SSG R. Bates, and myself, have learned a few things.


We tested this new system on both players and AI.


1. This would be a good addition to the current medical system.


2. Some small tweaks to the probability to revive.

 - Currently JUST doing CPR;

      - Regular infantry have %5 to revive

      - Medics have %15

      - Doctors have %40

and using the defibrillator give a %85 chance


 We think these numbers need to be tweaked(we would like your input)


All these probability chance are COMPLETELY configurable


One possible option is is half all of those chances

another, maybe more realistic, is give everyone %5 or %10 revive chance, and give the defibrillator %40 or %30 chance

CPR is CPR no mater who does it.


3. Because the PAK restores fluids, medics will be requited to carry more fluids and have extra in the vehicles.


4. Because the patient is receiving care on the field, and can be revived, there will be less(maybe none?) situations calling for a medical evacuation

   - I don't know if this is a overall positive or negative

   - A flight medic position might be nullified by this mod


SGT C. Falzy, SSG R. Bates, your thoughts?

Did I miss anything?



#7 C.Falzy



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Posted 13 January 2018 - 09:51 AM

My thoughts on the % , and how I would like the mod to be implemented and how it would effect medical: 


First, the % are way to high, and definitely need to be tweaked. Also, because its basically an unlimited amount of times you can keep trying to resuscitate someone, the numbers (IMO) should be lower. Here's my proposed change:
Regular Infantry - 2% 

Medics - 10%   // Combat Medic position

Doctors - 20%  // With a doctor being the Company level medics (if/when we do get them) and primary/secondary platoon medics. 

AED - 30%


Although I agree to an extent it doesn't matter who does CPR, it doesn't matter who does it, its a video game. sometimes there's gotta be a little disconnect for some balance.  If we do go down the route of everyone have the same % chance, I would say 10%, and the AED being 20%.


3) We already do this. We have't been PAKing in the field for the last ~2 or 3 ops. I actually just rebuilt the medical vehicles to carry more blood and saline, and build a medical resupply cache for when we run low.


4) A fix that I can see is only allowing the flight medic to carry an AED (those are expensive, ranging from 1000-20k for top of the line ones). 

#8 C.Saldat



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Posted 18 January 2018 - 08:20 PM

I have permission to edit his mod to whatever we see fit. It's ready pending probability variables. 

#9 P.Ares



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Posted 21 January 2018 - 11:28 AM

Will be discussed tonight during Command Staff meeting


21 JAN 2018

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