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Posted 04 October 2017 - 08:19 AM

hey guys, I was listening to some music on youtube and I found one song/ music video that would be pretty cool to make a video with. its avenge sevenfold's gunslinger ( jarhead videos). it got me thinking about how the whole video would play out and it definitely seems like something that we could do. if anyone wants to help me out, I need a few videographers.



here is how I have it all planned out.


opening is camera fixed on a guy walking down the street in a crowded city ( the guy is narrorating at this point (19 seconds) ( opening credits)

at around the 20 second mark it fades to black and opens with the same guy in a fire team formation walking around a crowded middle eastern city

random camera angles of us troops conducting operations in a non- combat attitude until 1:40


@ 1:41 we open up with an VBIED blowing up and insurgents attacking the fire team

stick with the fire fight for about 15 seconds then show apaches being spun up and infantry units rolling out from base

flash back to the firefight and soldiers dragging wounded with smoke cover and suppressive fire

insurgents bring in some technicals and start to open fire on the fire teams location

apaches come in just in time to take out the technicals and the convoy rolls in and opens up on insurgent locations

video closes out with medivac helicopter landing and soldiers being dragged and carried to it.

fades to 32nd ranger logo


whole video is about 4 minutes long


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